Earn money online with an Amazon Store

You too can make money by building an Amazon store. Anyone can have one. However, not everyone can make money with one. The question you have to ask is - is your objective to make money?

Here's a story to get you started - you want to think about, what is your objective first. When I started an Amazon store, my objective mainly was just to get rid of junk that I didn't need. Well, I call it junk - but mind you, it wasn't 'junk.' It was stuff that worked, that I had originally spent some good money on mind you - but mostly things at this point that I no longer had usage for. 

Luckily, these things were mostly electronics. I sold old video games, laptops I didn't use anymore, etc. There's no market for DVDs only, same as you would find in normal life, too. Very few people looking for DVDs anymore - not too sure anyone is, really. Anyone with an Internet connection can watch Netflix.

Anyways, coming back to my story. So, I used my Amazon store to sell things I didn't need anymore, and things I wanted to get rid of when I was moving into a bigger home with my spouse. However, keep in mind though that I was selling things that I had originally purchased for more money - so I wasn't really earning a profit, or breaking even, either.

Therefore, the thing to take away from this story is that you need to sell things that you can earn a profit on. 

Some of the downsides to Amazon store:

- You have to pay Amazon a percentage of everything you sell, which, as items get more costly, so does Amazon's cut
- You pay the shipping, which is often more then the amount Amazon gives you for a 'shipping credit,'
- It takes a long time to get paid.

People often ask why it takes so long to get paid with Amazon store. The reason is that although Amazon gets paid right away by the buyer, they sit on the money and wait to pay you until the time that the buyer has received the item (and then some, usually). Even once the buyer has received the item,you won't get paid right away. You have to wait for a payment cycle, which is every 2 weeks, just like working a job.

Upsides of Amazon store:

- Free advertising, your product gets posted to Amazon and you don't have to pay for it
- You get paid when your products sell
- Easy to find a niche product and sell it on mass
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