How to Make Money Online with Youtube Videos

Making money with YouTube videos is certainly doable. Let's talk about how people do it today. There

are many who earn an income online, because they're able to make funny videos, or unique videos.
They do something different, to make their videos go viral and attract a huge audience. We will get
into this more in-depth later in the article, and discuss ideas how you can also achieve this level
of Internet stardom.

Setting up a YouTube channel, Creating Videos

Setting up a channel on YouTube is relatively straight forward and easy. Start by going onto the YouTube website and create a login. Once you have created a login, you can start uploading videos by using the upload button. But what kind of videos should you create? Finding a niche to create videos is much like finding a niche to build a website about. You have to ask yourself - what is your passion? You need to create many videos in order to build your channel, so think about something you are passionate about and that is also repeatable for you.

Take a look and see what other people are doing. There are a million different ideas out there. Political news and opinions, opinions on everyday life, updates on world events - or just funny videos devoted to a particular subject. Try and think of something unique, that others aren't doing today. It may require some thought. A viral video could even be as something simple as words that say 'Shh...
you don't need a girlfriend' with a dog petting the guy's head as he sleeps. Viral video? Yes,
something simple, but something unique. Short, and sweet.

Keep YouTube video length short

Having more videos with less length is the way to go. When you have longer videos, they take a long time to upload. If you do some research online, you'll find there are rules to how long the video can be with Youtube. When you first sign up to Youtube, you'll only be able to have videos that are 15 minutes in length. Once your account is verified, you'll be able to have longer videos. Once verified, your video can be up to 20 GB large.

The length of your video will depend upon your content. There are longer videos that do go viral, when the content makes sense. For example, if you are doing a fan
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