Kitchener-Waterloo Social Website Media Optimization

Social media is becoming a mainstream tool in terms of search engine optimization and marketing. It's not just a trend - and it's not going away. Webmasters have had to completely change their strategy and marketing plans, in order to incorporate this new mainstream media into their website traffic planning.

So what is social media really? And how does it affect you as a business owner, or as a website owner? Well, social media is those websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. How it works is through viral methods. If you have even one video hit Youtube or Facebook and become wildly successful, than you too could become an overnight celebrity. However, this is not the premise upon which social media generally works to benefit website owners. Typically, having a social media presence established, and then continually built upon residually, will increase traffic and the rankings your website holds with major search engines.

Social Media Presence is no longer optional - it is required, if you wish to rank on the major search engines.

Without social media to provide a 'boost' in your search engine rankings and visibility, you will have a very tough time competing. Google now gives a major weight to social media. Websites with a major social media prescense will always outperform websites without one. Even if your website content is far superior - even if you've been around longer, or your products/services are far superior - to Google, it does not matter. Google bases a large portion of your listing result now upon a proper social media presence. Either you've got one, or you don't - and those that don't are falling behind.

Here's how social media campaigns & optimization works
  • CSC will establish a Facebook page, Twitter page and if required, LinkedIn Group for your organization
  • CSC can provide likes to your Facebook/Twitter pages, which boosts your search engine rankings and visibility on the search engine
  • CSC can write unique content for your Facebook & Twitter pages, and constantly update them
  • CSC can provide new members for your pages/groups
  • Help to grow your user base organically by posting in forums & other websites

Youtube Channels

CSC can provide mentor ship and advice on establishing a successful Youtube channel. 5 minute consultation over the phone for CSC to analyze your business model and offer recommendations is often extremely vital to your organization. CSC has been in the industry for many years, and we have much experience in this field.

A Youtube channel may or may not be a relevant and successful exercise for your business. If your business is product oriented, a Youtube channel can be helpful, but only if there are not many other people doing the same thing or selling the same product as you on Youtube. If no one else is offering information/videos via YouTube about the products or service you offer/sell, then YouTube is definitely a good choice for you. Being the pioneer, or the first one to do something, is always best if possible.

If your business is about dog walking, it wouldn't be relevant to do Youtube videos, for example - unless you happen to have ridiculous adventures that you'd like to share while doing so. However, your dog walking customers may not want you to have any 'crazy adventures,' so you'll likely want to balance your social media efforts with your business requirements.

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