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Cool Site Creators offers web site development & search engine optimization services in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge & Guelph areas. With our team of content writers, we have written the website content for hundreds of businesses, both local and worldwide. CSC has been operating in the technology triangle since 2004.

We write many forms of content, but moreover we specialize in helping businesses to grow and expand quickly via online advertising and traffic creation. We've been building websites since before the Geocities days. We've been there for the reciprocal link building campaign days, and the change of Google Dance to Everflux. We have years of experience in making websites profitable. This includes starting from scratch, or taking over a non-performing website and turning it around.

We can help with Search Engine Placement

Using skills, techniques and campaign methods we have learned over the years, Cool Site Creators can help your website to perform better on the major search engines. Search Engine Optimization consists of many on-page factors, as well as many off-page factors. Over the years, we've learned to understand how Google and other major engines think.

CSC has packages we can offer to assist in rankings and online traffic generation. These packages include social media tactics, link building, directory submission and other methods proven to generate rankings and traffic.

Become a Content Writer - Learn a New Skill

Cool Site Creators was born out of an idea - to allow anyone to build their own personal wealth, or separate recurring stream of revenue, simply by writing website content. Today, with the advent of Content Management Systems (CMS), you don't need to know HTML or programming languages anymore to build a website. To be able to build a website, all you need to do now is to write content.

We have been in the website development sector for many years, and we are building a team of website content writers, marketing people and sales people to learn what we have learned.

There are many out there that believe that 'get rich quick' schemes still exist, and they work. Sorry to say, but they don't exist, and they don't work. However, if you're able to spend an hour or two a day on Facebook, you can spend even a quarter of that time writing a page or two everyday. Once you get into a groove, writing content actually becomes fun instead of a chore. Once writing content has become free-flowing and fun, then you know you're writing something that others will want to read.

Finding a Niche Market

It's not difficult to find a topic that you like writing about. What could you write a website about? Here's some ideas. Health content if you are a bit of a health nut and you'd like to write about how to stay healthy. How to perform martial arts. How to skateboard, and write one page on every single skateboard brand. Playing the guitar. These are all easy concepts.

We also help you to find a good niche market to write content about. We'll use our experience to setup your website for you, but you write all the content that is on the website. We will help you to find the right subject matter for your website: something you like to do, a hobby, or just something that comes easily to you. Anything you are able to write about, can become a niche website. It's also possible to have a number of websites being built at the same time. This can help to diversify into different subjects, so you always have something to work on.

The more time you're able to spend on your website, the better your website will perform. If you can spend time on it everyday, great. If not, that's okay too.

You don't need to know HTML to build a website anymore - just a half hour to an hour of time everyday to write new, fresh content.

Google loves websites that regularly update their content. If you are able to spend a half hour to an hour everyday to write new content, your website will benefit. The Cool Site Creators team will do all the required research for you. We'll find the best subjects for you to continually write content about. This way, you only need to focus on writing the website content. In the background, we'll use our tools and years of experience in order to optimize the website on the search engine.

Everything we do is repeatable and we can show you how everything works along the way too, if you'd like to learn how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Please contact us today if you'd like to join the team. We work better with local people as it's easier to connect, but through conference call technologies we have the capability to work with content writers worldwide.

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