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Cool Site Creators is really about a dream. A dream of obtaining financial freedom and success in your life. When you have financial freedom, you also have the ability to set your own schedule and be your own boss. It is not difficult to earn a primary income, or a secondary income from the skills and techniques that we are willing to teach.

Earning an income online is not an overnight thing, like anything in life it takes time and patience before you will start earning any real money. If you are able to spend an hour a day, we can help you to find something passionate that you enjoy writing about. We will guide you and tutor you on what kind of niche markets are successful online markets on the Internet. If we can help you to align one of your passions in writing with a niche market, you too can start earning an income online.

Cool Site Creators is a group of friends and colleagues, together we are on a lifelong mission of learning. The learning never stops in life, and we do not claim to be experts or know it alls. If anything, we are pioneers of content writing and SEO. We are from the age of the 'Google Dance,' before Google started using Everflux. If you would like to know more about these kind of stories we are happy to teach you.

Content Writing Formula

A lot of people who spend an hour or two a day on Facebook can easily take that time and make it more productive, by writing content instead. Writing comes naturally to some. If you are one of these people, we can help you to ALIGN your energies and channel them into writing for websites.

It's not much different than writing anything else, and the best part is that you are the instrument. You don't need to know programming or HTML, you just need to be able to write. Revision is also important, and writing from your own mind and not copying anyone else's work is also of paramount importance.

Here's the formula we typically talk about at Cool Site Creators:

1 Hour a day = 7 hours per week = 28 hours per month
If you are able to write just one article in an hour, you can write 28 articles a month.
You may be able to write two articles in an hour.

Tried & True Systems

When you are working with CSC, we know all of the backend tools that will help to get your website popular. This is not a gimmick or 'system,' we have been building websites for many years and we have learned how to promote websites and make them #1 on Google. Having good content is key to this, good unique content Google always prefers over repetitive content or copy + paste. If you are able to write content that is helpful and supportive to users, you could be rated as an 'authority' website on the Internet.

Multiple Ways to Earn an Online Income and Make Money Online

Making money online does not just mean that you have to write website content. You can also learn to make money online by completing online surveys. There are also ways that kids can make money online too. Of course, if you are a parent we will let you know if there are certain things that need to be supervised when it comes to your children. There is also ways that one can learn to make money from Facebook. In essence, there are a variety of ways to make money online. If you are not into content writing, and instead looking for little work here and there clicking multiple choice answers, you may be interested in online surveys instead.

Learn how to earn an income working from home

At CoolSiteCreators, we're willing to teach. If you're willing to spend time building a website via writing website content, we will work with you and help you to build your first website. Once that website is earning an online income, we can build more websites together. If building websites isn't your thing, or writing content - maybe we can try something different, like creating a YouTube channel and making videos. There are a million ways to make money online. It does require some commitment, but if you can put even a little bit of time into building an online business, we can help you to make your dreams a reality.

The old adage of work to get paid means you have to continually put in work in order to continually make an income. Imagine the possibility of earning a residual monthly income, with not having to put in an 8 hour shift each day. Having financial freedom in your own right, and not having to worry about always being employed by someone else would be a great burden lifted from anyone's shoulders.

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