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SEO - Crash course

When we talk about SEO, or search engine optimization, we think - what is that? If you're new to the web industry, let us explain something to you.

'Search engine optimization' basically means optimizing your website for the search engine. It means you're fine tuning your website like you would your car. When your website is finely tuned, it will perform better, and have good rankings on Google.

The best rankings you can get on Google (or any other search engine) are within the top 10. Yes, it is doable! The trick is finding a 'niche' market. A niche market means a good market, with not a lot of competition. Local keywords are usually easier to optimize for, so if your business offers a local product or service, then this is a good route to go.

We also recommend laser-guided keyword searches. For instance, if you try to optimize for the word 'cell phone,' you'll never get into the top 10. It's highly unlikely! This is because you'd be competing with big names like Rogers or Bell. But, if you optimize for smaller searches, and use more of them, you can still get the traffic to your site, and it's easier. For instance, try optimizing for 'Samsung 566 cell phone' or 'Samsung 566 cell phone accessories.' It's much easier then trying to hold spots for a broad keyword search like 'cell phone.'

Let us help you get better rankings

If you already have a website, let us help you to get better rankings. Here's how CSC will work for you to boost your search engine rankings:

- First, we have to gather information from you. What keywords do you want to show up as in the top 10? What industry are you in? Who are your competitors? How long have you been online? Have you established partnerships or linking arrangements with other websites? All these will help us to establish the second phase;

- The second phase is reporting. We need to figure out the following for you:

Where are you on the search engines?
What kind of traffic are you getting?
Where is your traffic coming from?
What kind of traffic do you need or want for your business? If you're getting the wrong type, how do we fix it for you?

These are all questions that CSC Will answer for you. We will prepare a detailed report called a 'Search Engine Optimization Analyzation.' You have no obligation to take our services after that, but if you choose to, we will prepare a second report which details how to fix your problems.

Every situation is different, but we are experienced search engine optimizers with 50+ websites that are online, plus client sites that we work on as well. We will be able to forecast a solution for you, moving you from rocky waters to sunny skies.

Once we are done the reporting phase and we decide on a timeline and price for the work, we will implement the recommended course of action for you.

How long does it take to fully optimize my website? Do you do rush jobs?

Turnaround time can differ based on the industry you are in with your business. We will let you know exactly what we plan to do when we provide our reports, and how long it will take. If you need a rush job, rush jobs are available.

I want to use a system like Wordpress to build my site. Do you recommend this? Can I make money this way?

For first time site builders - no. For getting your site first ten in Google - no. This is because there are far too many people using this system, and Wordpress was not built for SEO purposes. Our systems were created for the sole purpose of getting top search engine placements! Wordpress, like many other readily available CMS systems, were created for easily creating a website. But not for creating websites that make money or have SEO techniques. There are SEO techniques for Wordpress, but they are very advanced modules that require programming knowledge to implement. Unless you have an excellent knowledge of HTML, ASP, etc. you are not going to figure it out. If you did have this knowledge, you still would not use Wordpress!

Can I get a free quote?

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