Manage a team of Content Writers, Earn Money Online

Cool Site Creators (CSC) is currently seeking talent individuals to become managers in our company. Primarily, the role of a manager will be to find editors to join the company. It's quite simple really - for every editor you refer to the company, and they complete a website, you will receive a check. If you can refer enough people to the company, you can make money with us every month just from the revenue we are collecting.

To join as a manager, we prefer you have some business skills. A business degree or diploma will be a good thing to have. We have many faceted levels of managers; meaning you could be a manager that simply refers people and makes some money. Or you could refer people and train them, however we will have to train you first on how to train new recruits. If you wish to train the people you recruit and keep them on course so we don't have to do this, we can discuss paying you more.

If you want to hear more about the manager's position, please call Mark @ 519.212.7780 or e-mail mark .
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