Make Money from Online Forums

Running a popular forum is like having a group of reporters at your door, knocking and ringing and bothering you for answers. Generally, forums are reserved for technical inquiries and what not. People use them all over the Internet, for all kinds of enquiries, from fixing car audio, to computers, to electronics and more. Not only are forums used for asking questions, but they are commonly used by people to discuss topics, or just complain about anything.

Forums don't make much money

Forums don't make a lot of money. This is because even if you have a large amount of traffic, most of your traffic is returning users. Even if the traffic is not returning users, forum users tend to avoid ads. Why? Because they are there to post a question and get an answer. They will come to the forums to see if the question is answered, if not, they will leave. If it is answered they will read the reply and then leave. Very few users on forums click the ads.

Clicks on ads on a forum generate less CPC

Because a forum post has so much information, and a lot of that is not very specific all the time, Google tends to post ads on these forums that are more generic. The ads are less targetted, as the robot has more trouble figuring out what the page is about. Because the ads are less targetted to your traffic, this results in a lower CTR, and a lower CPC or cost per click.

So how do I make money from a forum then?

Our advice: don't start a forum as your primary website. Start a niche website. If you want to run a forum to support your site, that is what most webmasters do. But if you are serious, you have a forum, and need to make money from it, first thing is traffic. You need to make about 20 posts yourself to get started. Then, try to get friends to come and post topics from time to time. Finally, make sure that the forum software you are using is search engine optimized well. PHPbb, for example, is a bad choice for your own forum because it's open source, and the SEO with PHPBB is not very good.

Anytime a forum is open source code, it won't likely go far. If you would like CSC to build your next forum, with proper SEO, please contact us.
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