How to Make Money Selling Website Templates

Selling templates on the Internet is another way you can generate some revenue. Granted, there are a plethora of websites on the Internet that do this right now, it can be a competitive market.

Making money through selling templates usually works by purchasing a reseller account to resell the templates, or, by purchasing a large number of templates with reseller rights, and then establishing a website to sell the templates to your site visitors. These days you can purchase a large number of templates (few thousand or so) from a template website. Just be sure when you are purchasing them for reselling purposes, that these templates can be resold. If you are just buying some templates randomly from a site, they cannot be resold. You need to make sure the place you buy them from says right on the site or page that the templates are available for resale. Sometimes you may need to pay an extra fee in order to have a reseller's account.

Selling open source codes (functions, applications)

Not everyone on the Internet is a programmer, so selling applications, functions, etc. is another way to generate revenue IF you are a programmer. I will stress this point; if you're not a programmer, and you can't read or edit the code you are reselling, don't get into this industry. Why? Because you will always meet people who want certain customizations of what you have, and if you can't do them yourself, you won't make the sale. Simple as that - a good webmaster wants his site to be unique and not look like a thousand other sites using the same source codes.

For example, PHPBB is an open source program; but real webmasters don't like to use PHPBB because it looks like every other board on the Internet. And it's difficult to customize whereas if you know how to code in C, you can build your own forum that is much nicer with fewer problems and no need to continually update to avoid spam and the like.

Open source means everyone knows how the program works, so it gets hacked or spammed more.

Selling templates - affiliate programs

Below we have reviews of some of the programs on the Internet that you can use for template reselling and click here for reseller web hosting

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