Buy & Sell Text Link Ads

You can either buy or sell text link ads. If you want to make money from text link ads, then you would rent out space on your website to other webmasters. A small area would be reserved for text link ads.

There are multiple ways to go about making money through text link ads, including the following:

- You can place the text link ad space yourself, and then have your own contact/payment processing pages. This way you can receive orders for text links yourself, and review them yourself. This is a preferred method for companies that want to approve all submissions manually (such as a site for children's content).

- You can join a text link ads program that places text link ads for you. You just have to place the code and the service will run the ads automatically. You may or may not get to set the price of each link in this instance. This is much like PPC but you are paid for each link on a monthly basis, instead of on a per click basis.

Text Link Ad Program Reviews - Joinable programs

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Free Text Link Ads program

On the Free Text Link Ads site, you can choose to be either an advertiser or publisher. There are a variety of different ways to either advertise your website or place ads on your website. Many of their services are unpaid; making this an excellent resource for webmasters just starting out.

Free Text Link Ads also has a link directory, which you can add your website to in order to boost your website's ranking in major search engines.

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