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Investor's Club - Invest in the Internet!

Every day, millions of end-users all over the world use major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN to find what they are looking for. How would you like to make an investment in the fastest growing industry in the world?

Investing into the club means we build you a profitable website that services the end-user, with no work from yourself. We will update your site and make sure it continually makes money. After we build you one and you start making some pocket cash, you may even consider having us build you a second site!

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Here's how it works

STEP 1 - We speak and negotiate to determine a niche market for your website, and your website's topic. The site can be about anything, anything at all. Some of the sites we have are in the following industries

- Home decor
- Car wheels & rims

These are just to name a few. We will do in-depth research on the topic you choose and give you a pre-construction report on how easy or difficult we feel the work will be. If the industry you want to get into is too competitive we will steer you to one that is more profitable.

For more information related to keyword research please see our keyword research page.

STEP 2 - Once we have negotiated and determined a good industry for your site, and the amount required to build the site, we will begin construction. Expect construction to be completed within two-three weeks for a regular sized site.

STEP 3 - Payment generally begins in the second month. Expect bigger paycheques as the site progresses. Generally, by month six you should be receiving a nice paycheque from CSC.

And that's it! Simple right? -- PUT investor's club FAQ here --

contact us  if interested in making money through CSC's Investor's Club.

You invest. We work. You earn.
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